Friday, September 09, 2005

The Natural Edge

The Natural Edge Project was established in November 2002 after over 3 years of part-time volunteer preparation by the secretariat members in order to assist individuals, business and government to achieve a natural edge, thus developing a synergy between the economic, social and environmental outcomes. The project seeks to assist in bringing together and developing robust frameworks, operational methodologies and best practice for sustainability.

The project is an ongoing, not-for-profit partnership driven by a growing team of Young Australians who receive mentoring and support from individuals ranging from professionals, public servants, business leaders and academics. The project receives strong support from organisations, groups, bodies, companies, agencies and institutions, both in Australia and Internationally.

The TNEP Working Group

This 'Working Group' consists of a select group of dedicated volunteer young professionals who are enthusiastic about making tangible efforts to achieving Sustainable Genuine Progress. In September 2004 an invitation was issued to join a internship team of 12 members to be coordinated by Nick Palousis, the TNEP Operations Coordinator with the following objectives.

Projects Office
Unit 6, 5 Barton Tce EastNorth Adelaide, SA, 5006Adelaide, Australia
+61 (0)8 8361 9827 (Phone/Fax)


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